Origo Biopharma

Agomab Therapeutics NV, Belgium biotech company, acquired Origo Biopharma in October 28th 2021. The combined organization will focus on translating growth factor signaling pathways into innovative therapies. Agomab’s hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-targeting monoclonal antibodies together with Origo’s small molecule programs create a rich clinical pipeline of therapeutics that address fibrosis and organ failure in multiple therapeutic areas.

Origo is a clinical-stage biotech company founded by Julio Castro (Palobiopharma) and Galchimia and invested by Asabys in 2020, developing a new generation of therapeutic products for the treatment of several diseases linked to TGF-β in gastrointestinal and lung indications. The company is focused on three therapeutic areas: fibrosis associated with Crohn’s disease, Idiophathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Colorectal Cancer.



Biotech; tissue-restricted TGFb inhibitors  for GI and lung indications